Announcing The BugTower Chrome Extension


In an ongoing effort to have BugTower available at your fingertips everywhere, I’m excited to announce the new BugTower Chrome Extension. Keeping to what BugTower does best - it’s of simple and easy to use. The extension allows you to report bugs from wherever you are on the internet - maybe you’re testing your site and reporting issues or maybe you’re just browsing around and happen to remember a bug.

It currently allows you to:

  • Select your project

  • Select the issue priority

  • Enter a title

  • Enter a description

  • Include a screenshot of current tab

The (potentially) most useful feature on this list is Include Screenshot of Current Tab. This features grabs a snapshot of the current tab in your browser and adds it to the reported bug - perfect for times when you need to capture the issue in action.

Let me know if you have any thoughts and/or feedback on the extension. It’s MVPish now, but plan to add the following in the future:

  • Tagging ability

  • Assignment of Issue

  • File upload (outside of screenshots)

  • More advanced screenshot ability (annotation, etc.)