Exciting October Updates


BugTower just got some awesome new enhancements (launched yesterday). I think these really add a lot of overall value to the platform and hopefully you will, as well. In this post, I’ll give a quick rundown of what the enhancement is and why it was put in place.

  • Custom Fields
  • Markdown Support
  • Routing to an Issue
  • New Marketing Design & Logo
  • Dashboard Split into Settings & Reporting

Custom Fields

You now have the ability to add your own custom fields for users to input while they’re creating issues. This was made available on the standard plans and any of the new plans currently offered. Check out the support docs on exactly how to do this.


I kept having various requests for custom fields and/or the ability to edit some of the existing fields (mostly status). The ability to add your own provides a level of customization that really helps tailor to each organization's specific workflow.

Markdown Support

You can now format issue descriptions and updates/comments via markdown. For those of you not familiar with markdown, it’s a very simple way to format text - such as bolding, italics, list creation, etc. Check out the support docs on exactly how to use.


The issue of pasting in code snippets into BugTower and having them not presented well was raised several times by customers. Furthermore, BugTower was just lacking overall formatting abilities that are useful in lists for steps to reproduce, etc.

Route to Issue

In the alert that shows immediately after you create an issue now will contain a button to allow you to go directly to this issue.


This wasn’t necessarily requested by anyone, but I found it somewhat annoying to have to go and search for an issue after I created it. I also didn’t want to route the user directly to the issue afterwards - if you’re creating many issues at once, this would take be somewhat of an inconvenience. Giving the option seemed like a nice middle ground.

New Marketing Design & Logo

The marketing side of BugTower (anything you see when you’re not logged in) got a new makeover and BugTower has a new logo.


The marketing site hasn’t changed much in the past year and was somewhat outdated. I was also never in love with it (I’m not a designer), so I had a friend of mine who is talented when it comes to design help out here

Dashboard Split into Settings & Reporting

There’s now a new section under your projects called “Settings” where anything related to settings are held. The charts and activity are now under reporting.


Dashboard just didn’t work here, especially for settings related. I found customers were missing valuable configuration options because settings were bypassed altogether.

Hope everyone enjoys the new updates and as always, please let me know any feedback!

- Kyle