Issue Tracking and Email Integration


One of the most requested features over the past couple of months has been email integration. Given most spend their day entire day within their inbox and it’s the primary source of communication, this made sense. Good news - it’s now live.

Here’s how email communication works

Every project has their own dedicated email address. It’s in the format of You can find your projects on the project dashboard, like below:

Here are some items on how it works:

  • Anyone (even non BugTower users) can send an email to the project email address to report a bug. If the email address is recognized from the project, it will be associated with the project member. Otherwise, it will just be associated with the email address.

  • The subject will be taken as the title of the issue and the body of the email will be the description.

Adding updates through emails

You’re also now able to reply directly to project email issue notifications. This will automatically create an update for the project. In fact, you’re able to even hand off an email address to allow for anyone to create an update for an issue. The format is, where issueid is the id of the issue. See below screenshot.

We believe this integration will make it that much easier to get bugs logged and ultimately fixed. Certainly reach out with any questions or feedback