Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template


Let’s face it - spreadsheets are extremely useful. They’re super easy to do virtually anything related to capturing and/or organizing data. Bug tracking is no exception.

In fact, if you’re currently building out a software application and aren’t using any tool for tracking issues/bugs, I’d highly recommend using an issue tracking spreadsheet. I’ve created one below, loosely based on the structure of BugTower. The basics of the spreadsheet are as follows:

  • Name field - The area to dump the contents of the bug report

  • Reported By - The person reporting the issue

  • Reported Date - When the issue was reported

  • Priority - The severity of the issue

  • Status - If it’s started, completed, resolved, etc.

There’s two tabs - the Issue List (where the fields above are) and Config. Config allows you to set/add your People, Priorities, and Status. The values populated here are what will be available in the dropdown select on the main issue list. The list will auto-sort based on the priority entered (critical at the top).

This template should be useful for those looking for a middle ground before moving onto a fully fledged bug tracking solution. Once you’re working with a team of more than 2-3, a spreadsheet will quickly become difficult to use (give BugTower a try then!).

Issue Tracking Spreadsheet Template