Removing the Free Plan


When I had originally launched BugTower back in January of 2015, the plan was to keep a free plan forever. I was ultimately hoping enough users would convert to paid accounts and that would help support the free plan. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened and I was faced with the tough decision to shut BugTower down or deprecate the free plan. Given there are people who pay for BugTower and find it useful, I chose the latter. So, as of February 17th, 2016, BugTower will no longer have a free plan and prices will be raising slightly (for new accounts).

This is sure to upset some of the current users and rightfully so. But please understand, this was never my intention. I’m currently the sole person behind BugTower, with no funding. All expenses, development, and support are covered by me. This means hundreds of dollars per month out of pocket from me and countless hours developing and answering support emails. This just wasn’t sustainable, so a change needed to happen.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • As of February 17th, 2016, the free plan will no longer be available. This will now consist of a 14 day trial period.

  • If you upgrade for a paid account before February 17th, you’ll lock in the current prices (they’ll be increasing going forward about 20%)

  • If you don’t make any change, you’ll automatically be enrolled into a 14 day free trial on February 17th.

As always, you’re free to export your data and bring it with you (data export is under Settings -> Tools) if you choose not to stick around (but hopefully you do).

Sorry for the inconvenience and please feel free to shoot me an email - if you have any questions.