Custom Fields

Certain plans allow for you to have custom fields. Custom fields essentially allow for you to add your own fields for users to fill out when creating an issue. There are currently 4 different types of custom fields you can add - Text, Number, Date, and Select.

  • Text - Allows the user to input text (up to 255 characters).

  • Number - Allows the user to input a number (decimals allowed)

  • Date - Allows the user to input a date

  • Select - Allows the user to select one of the options you define

Enabling Custom Fields

To enable custom fields, please visit Settings -> Custom Fields (Only Project Owners can do this):

You can then type in a label and choose which type you’d like to add. Then press “Add” and it will then be made available for users to fill out on the issue creation form:

Once filled out, it will be exposed on the issue detail as such:

For Select Fields, you’ll see a link underneath the label after you add it. This link will be titled “0 Options”. If you select this, you’ll be directed to another screen where you can enter in options for the user to choose from.

Archiving Fields

If you no longer want fields to be made available to fill out or seen, you can choose to archive them. This will remove them from the issue creation and issue details. You can always choose to unarchive if need be.