Formatting with Markdown

BugTower allows formatting of issue descriptions and updates/comments with markdown. If you’re not familiar with markdown, it’s a very simple way to format text by using a formatting syntax that’s eventually converted to HTML. Let’s take a look at some examples.


Wrap text in double asterisk, such as **Text**.


Wrap text in single asterisk, such as *Text*.


Wrap text in double tilde, such as ~~Text~~.


There are three different types of headings. You can create by putting the number sign (hash) before the text, such as ## Hello.

Lists and Nested Lists

Lists can be created by putting in a (-) dash or a number (1.) before the word. You can nest sub lists by creating two spaces.

Call Outs

Sometimes you need to put emphasis on a word. You can do this by wrapping a word in single backticks, such as `Text`

Block Formats

If you need to callout a large chunk of text into its own block (for example a snippet of code), you can do so by wrapping the text in three backticks, such as ```Text```.

Quoting Text

If you need to quote text, you can do so by putting an arrow in front of the text, such as >Text